I want to install ubuntu alternate on 5 PCs, making use of hopefully only one (CRT) monitor.

Space is limited and the machines are (conveniently) piled up on each other, within reach of a suitable CRT monitor - all have been run ok to verify them one at a time.

There is no space for 5 monitors here all together, and on these machines such as I have each install takes about 2 hours, so I hope to be able to set the installs running and unplug the monitor, leaving the machines installing, and only reconnect the monitor occasionally to verify things are going according to the cunning plan.

The monitors to be used with the machines are all rather similar age as the PCs and CRT type (not flat screen) so I do not expect unusual problems by connecting an alien monitor at a later time. (?)

I know that in the early install (alternate) stages there are screen interactions required and keyboard entries. I can do those stages one PC at a time in sequence, then move the monitor to the next PC and begin there etc etc.

I am also aware that the hardware is detected early on, before the stage of keyboard entries too.

Is there a need to keep the monitor connected for any reason subsequent to the keyboard entry stages?

Comments would be welcomed