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Thread: [SOLVED] Simultaneous sound in different applications

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    [SOLVED] Simultaneous sound in different applications

    Hi, I wish to have sound in Ubuntu 8.04 in several applications at the same time.

    For instance:
    If I'm playing music with Rhythmbox I need to close it every time I want to watch a video in Firefox 3,say, on youtube. If I don't, I don't get any sound at all from Firefox 3. (And vice-versa)

    I have the latest patches and I've installed "libflashsupport" to solve this problem but I had to remove it because Firefox became so unstable that I could no longer use it.

    Libflashsupport is buggy,so, is there another way I can have sound simultaneously in different applications without having to close them / making firefox unstable?


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    Re: Simultaneous sound in different applications

    I read you can have vlc and firefox share audio without having to close either, just set vlc audiooutput to pulseaudio and listen to your music there.

    I tried it but I couldn't listen to any music in any other application, and never had simultaneous audio either but u can try it and see if it works.

    Installing VLC Media Player

    At the console, type:

    sudo apt-get install vlc

    To remove,

    sudo apt-get --purge autoremove vlc

    If you encounter sound problems (due to PulseAudio ), type:

    sudo apt-get install vlc-plugin-pulse

    and choose PulseAudio as output in VLC options.

    if you do find a solution dont forget to share

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    Re: Simultaneous sound in different applications

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    Re: Simultaneous sound in different applications

    Take a look at this thread

    You could also try the new beta version of flash, it has pulseaudio support which may fix the issue


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