This is my first post to the forum. I have been circling around Linux for years having played with Linux many years ago (1998 ish) but gave up with it as it was too much work at the time,,, now I am back. My laptop has a nice install of Kubuntu 8.04 and I am looking to replace Windows from my home. I am still new to Linux though, so go easy on me please!

I have a few systems I have acquired over the years for various projects, mainly things like large (20") hung on the wall digital picture frames. From my projects I have a few low power pc's but other than that, some laptops.

I want to build a MythTV box, I thought I'd put my tow in the water with a low cost solution (just to play and test with) based around a Via SP13000 system and a Nova-T 500 tuner (Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-T-500 model 289 SL-289-V2.1-UK)

I have built Kubuntu onto the box, I turned off the system and installed the card directly into the mainboard (no riser card). The system will no longer boot.

I bought the card as various people have it working and I have checked it's not the diversity model... it isn't.

So I installed WindowsXP Pro SP2, installed the latest drivers from the site today and I can watch TV on it.

I have now downloaded MythBuntu, and with the card installed it also hangs at the same point in startup, not surprising as it's the same codebase.

Using the Install CD with the PCI plugged in, the system hangs during bootup; after the bar stops whipping back and forth, but before the bar gets to filling up the progress bar (about 70-80% full) on both Kubuntu and MythBuntu...

I was hoping someone has seen this, or can help me diagnose (even fix!) the problem.

Thanks for reading... and your time