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Thread: Want to be master of the noble way of linux

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    Re: Want to be master of the noble way of linux

    here is a good guide from when you're ready
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    Re: Want to be master of the noble way of linux

    Quote Originally Posted by RobbingDaHood View Post
    And now I got it. Until I find a "task" for myself I will be the eagle in these forums. I will try to help other people with there problems. In that way I am not only being a good person but I have some "tasks" that can train my skills in this great art

    Is that not a good plan?

    Or do I need a lot of experience before I guide other people? what if I guide them in a wrong direction?
    I agree with others that it is a good plan. The way to avoid guiding people incorrectly is doing your research when answering questions. That way you a) learn how to find answers b) learn the answers and c) give the right answers

    It's not perfect, but it seems to be working so far.

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    Re: Want to be master of the noble way of linux

    Thank you for the answers.

    Now I know 4 of many steps to greatness

    1) Read the guides (that you so kindley have provided me)
    2) Help others so I can get a lot of knowledge
    ?) Don't know how many and what steps will be here
    3) slacware
    4) Own kernel

    I have worked so hard with Ubuntu now that I see terminals when I close my eyes and I dream about man-pages at night... This is so hardcore
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