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Thread: [SOLVED] How to transfer Inter. Expl Favorites to Firefox?

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    [SOLVED] How to transfer Inter. Expl Favorites to Firefox?

    I just installed Ubuntu 8.04 to an old computer and would like an easy way to copy the bookmarks from Windows Internet Explorer on one computer to the old computer running Firefox in Ubuntu as a browser. Is there a way to use a thumbdrive (USB device) to transfer these without having to retype them all? Thanks, Rodney

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    Re: How to transfer Inter. Expl Favorites to Firefox?

    Quoted from here

    To export your IE Favorites to a file

    1. Open Internet Explorer.
    2. Go to "File > Import and Export...", then click Next.
    3. Select "Export Favorites", click Next, click Next again (unless you only want to export a subfolder of your Favorites, in which case, select that subfolder now).
    4. Click "Export to a File or Address", click "Browse" to choose a location such as the desktop (or accept the default location) and save the file, which is named "bookmark.htm" by default.
    5. Click Next, then Finish to complete the export.

    After you've finished exporting your IE Favorites to a file, use the Mozilla Suite or Firefox Bookmarks Manager and import the file.
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