First off I am very new to Linux so step by step instructions would be helpful.

I installed Xubuntu (v8.04?) on my old laptop however there appears to be some issues with the video/sound card in the laptop.
Things I have noticed/been told to notice:

1. Certain applications crash the GUI desktop such as Terminal or System Monitor and occationally Firefox will just close but the whole desktop will not crash. (I did find a terminal program that works though so I can get into it to run comnands)
2. Video/Sound is choppy when even playing simple .wav files
3. When running 'top' CPU load is usually above 1 which a Unix engineer at work told me means the xorg is running on software not using the hardware to causing strains which is what causes certain applications to fail.

Also from talking to a unix engineer it appears the driver version is up to date. So being new to Linux in general I didnt know how else to proceed. Does anyone else have Xubuntu installed on an old laptop like this with a NeoMagic video/sound card installed?