Hello everyone
I have recently purchased a HP pavilion notebook

When I got it, it came with Windows Vista Home Premium, which is okay because it came with all of the drivers installed (Less work for me ) But I want XP back on there. and I want my Linux on there as well.

I tryed to tripple boot the operating systems before and I did not have much succsess.

I tryed to Install the factory Vista on the notebook first, then Install windows XP, then after that fix Vista's MBR so it will boot into vista, after I booted into vista, I installed easy BCD on there and added XP as an entry so that it should give me the option with XP and Vista when I go to boot in, but ontop of that, I havent had much succsess dual booting vista and Ubuntu alone as well with XP

If anyone knows a quide to it, or can explain how to do it to me in detail, it will be well appreciated.