I'm trying to switch over to completely ubuntu for my computing needs. I have a large DVD collection and am attempting to rip them all to ISO (full size, not compressed) and store them on my 2TB MDADM soft RAID5 array. I started by using k9copy but then moved back to my WinBlowz box and DVD Shrink because I was getting a strange result from k9copy. It seemed to rip the movie OK, but when I watched it, I noticed that most times on a scene change, I would get the start frame of the new scene, then one of the last frames of the old scene, then the rest of the new scene would follow. This seemed to happen on most scene changes. I'll be looking around the net a little more for an answer to this, but thought I'd come here to see if anyone else has seen this issue. I've seen it on Cars, Live Free or Die Hard, Ocean's Thirteen and Transformers. I haven't gotten to any older movies yet, but I will soon. I was thinking it might have to do with the copy protection on these discs, but wanted to check with the community to see what they have seen. Thanks for your help!