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Thread: USB drives failing when trying to install

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    USB drives failing when trying to install

    So I'm having a problem that apparently no one can answer.

    When I put the install CD in and boot from it, I get a text screen telling me to choose a language... I choose English just fine with my keyboard...

    Then I hit Enter on the Install selection of the text menu... It loads the kernel, and then basically a little list of failed devices comes up... They're all my USB drives.

    So when it finally brings up the install screen that asks (for some reason again) what language I want to install in, I'm stuck because I can't use my keyboard or mouse. I only have USB devices too, so I can't just plug in a PS/2 keyboard or anything.

    To sum it up: I can't install Ubuntu because the second I load the kernel and get into the main install screen all my USB devices die so I can't use my mouse or keyboard.

    I have an A-8NE ASUS Motherboard if that helps at all.

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    Re: USB drives failing when trying to install

    Anyone? I'm really not sure where else to go - since this is the official forum I would have figured people would have been of some help. I'm really hoping someone can give me some advice here on this issue.


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