Ladies and Gentlemen -

I recently purchased an M1330. I have since installed (and and am now using) 8.04.1 on it. I am conducting an experiment with myself to see if a strict Linux lifestyle (at least on my laptop) is feasible.

I've hit a snag. In an attempt to accomplish all that I do in Windows, in Ubuntu, I have found that the SD card reader does not work.

Ricoh R5C833 Media Reader and 1394 Adapter

It should be noted that this is my first major foray into Linux. I dabble in Backtrack when the, um, need arises, but I'm not familiar, really, at all.

When I insert the SD card, nothing shows up, anywhere. I expected a drive icon to appear on the desktop as one does when a USB drive is inserted, but nothing shows.

Searching the Computer shows no additional drive devices. Synaptic Package searches yield no results for "Ricoh."

I require assistance.