After having an untold number of woes with all variants of linux because of various hardware incompatibilities and general instability, I have finally decided it's time for some new kit.
I have spent the day choosing components for a pc that should hopefully last me 5 years (with only the occasional minor upgrade).

What I am most concerned about is if it will work out of the box, or with as little tinkering as possible with Linux (Ubuntu preferably, or PCLOS).

AMD Athlon64X2 6000+
Asus M2A-MX Mobo
2GB Patriot Extreme RAM
160GB Maxtor DiamondMax
ATi Radeon HD 2400 Pro 256MB
Edimax 54MBPS PCI Wireless Adaptor (Ralink I think)
Firewire PCI Card

Does this seem out of the box compatible?

And on another note, would 1 case fan and an Arctic Cooling Freezer 64Pro be enough to cool this thing?

Thanks in advance!