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Thread: SSH public key authentication

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    SSH public key authentication

    Hello all,

    I'm running Xubuntu 8.04, and I'm trying to setup public key authentication for SSH (password authentication works fine). Here are the tutorial resources I've been using... well as a few others. Every time I try to login I'm getting permission denied (public key). This is true for both remote and local logins. I'll post my latest login attempt with '-v' option in another message (I'm on host machine now).

    I sure would appreciate some help getting this to work correctly.

    Thank you.

    Brandon Wilhite

    (edit)--I haven't figured out how to cut/paste the results from 'ssh -v' from cygwin, which is where I'm trying to login from...if someone could tell me how to get that output into a file, I'll gladly post it here
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    Re: SSH public key authentication

    On server, is public key within the authorized_keys file?

    Are you specifying a username?

    Redirect in cygwin to a file

    ssh -v ...... > file_name

    Or right click on the terminal prompt, select edit, and then select lines you want with left click, paste with right click.

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    Re: SSH public key authentication

    Yes, I had the authorized_keys file set and all that, but perhaps my sshd_configure was wrong somewhere...When I looked at the output, it seemed like the keys were being exchanged, but for some reason the server just wasn't finding the key.

    I'll do the re-direct thing and post the contents of the file. I'll also post my sshd_configure.

    oh...and I tried both with and without a username



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