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Thread: ssh and vnc - am I encrypted?

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    ssh and vnc - am I encrypted?

    I have been trying to get vnc (remote desktop) working over an ssh tunnel. Here are the details- I think it is working but I'm not sure if I am indeed using the ssh tunnel for my vnc or not. Here is the details.

    COMPUTER #1 - my computer
    COMPUTER #2 - moms computer

    both computers have openssh-server and xtightvncviewer installed.

    I have been reading the tutorial at for help but ran into problems. However I have tried this and it works but the main question is am i using my ssh tunnel?

    If i enable the remote desktop via my moms computer by going to preferences- remote desktop- enable view and enable control i can then simply type-

    vncviewer mom'susername@momsipadress:0
    and wala i have her desktop on mine. However, I plan on doing this remotely when I am at college so I want to use ssh.

    If from my computer I type
    ssh -Y momsusername@momsip
    I can access her computer via terminal window- the -Y enables secure X11 forwarding. then I can type
    and xtightvncserver pops up
    next I type into the xtightvncserver cli
    presto- I have her desktop in a window on my desktop.

    The questions is am I using vncviewer through ssh or is the second way analogous to the first?

    I tried doing the vnc + ssh howto says but i always got error display. What do you guys think? Am i tunneling this through ssh or is this independent? THANKS!
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