I'm setting up a headless file server on my home network. Its running NX for administration and Samba for windows shares.

P3 Coppermine 1.0ghz
256MB PC133
450+ GB HDD Space (i know, not much)
HP Travan Tape (wont work, grrr!)

My goals are.
1. No Keyboard/Mouse/Monitor -SUCCESS!-
Works with NX. Does have problems accessing certain things
like network control panel in Gnome. Won't let me unlock but
otherwise ok.

Works except for WINS, have to connect to the
server by IP. I think I firewalled it out. I also have to use
a different l/p for shares, my server 2003 system account is

3. Remote Wakeup/Shutdown when idle -SOMEWHAT-
WakeOnLan works (finally!). Have not looked into shutdown at
idle and things like that yet.

4. Encryption -FAIL!-
I want to set the server to only allow the SMB connection
over encryption, even on the local intranet. I don't want to
run any extra software on my Server 2003 machine to connect
so I'm stuck with microsoft supported things. Originally
wanted SSH but its not supported.

So what should I use?
IPsec? L2tp? Poptop? Openswan? ipsectools? How do I set them up?