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Thread: [Suggestion] web-based config manager

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    [Suggestion] web-based config manager

    I couldnt really find a place to post a suggestion

    I find that web based config files are really really easy to use and can look great and are easy to make so i was thinking that what if in the next release of ubuntu you featured a web based config manager for gnome or for general programs. Sort of like you type or in your browser and you get you routers config. Or with the nvidia hardware firewall its the same thing. It's really easy to use and to program because php cgi or html are all a lot easier than c and python and they are easier to look better. Just think about this

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    Re: [Suggestion] web-based config manager

    There are many such tools already avilable, Webmin, for example.

    The thing why none of them is installed by default is that they require a running web server as well.. And most of the people have absolutley no use for a web server on their computers.

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