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Thread: DYMO label writer How-To

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    Re: DYMO label writer How-To

    Quote Originally Posted by jelcoward View Post

    My current questions, I think, are:

    Can I tweak the ppd file (and if I can is it then live or do I need to do something else to get it read)?

    If I can tweak the ppd file, then what settings should I try?

    Is there another way of doing this? (the labels have to be printed from a pdf reader because that is how they are generated - so I can't change that part of the process).
    I think I have in part answered the second question - here is the information re the ppd file and it defining print area

    I will try it tomorrow

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    Virtual sheet size in applications

    A little experience thay may help you to think about scaling:

    I configured a "Dymo LabelWriter 400" without touching any else CUPS preference, then created a Draw document with OpenOffice and drawn a rectangle that fits in the default margins for an A4 sized sheet.

    When printed this, the rectangle lines fit in the label area, but only less long than the label. This could be corrected by enlarging the sheet dimension in the application document: 29.7 x 21 cm -> 40 x 21 cm (not exact)
    Narcis Garcia

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    Re: DYMO label writer How-To

    Quote Originally Posted by bpalone View Post
    This is a How-To for getting and installing the CUPS drivers for the DYMO label writers.

    This was written for and by my experience in and with Ubuntu 8.04. It should be of help with other releases and distros.

    According to their information (at this writing) their drivers support the following models:

    LabelWriter 400
    LabelWriter 400 Turbo
    LabelWriter DUO
    LabelWriter Twin Turbo
    LabelWriter 300
    LabelWriter 330
    LabelWriter 330 Turbo
    LabelMANAGER 450
    LabelPOINT 350

    The first thing to do is go to this site:

    Then scroll down to the Linux section and download the DYMO SDK and CUPS drivers for Linux.

    I am going to describe how to do most of this from the GUI, there will be a little bit of command line stuff done. If someone wants to pitch in and redo this including how to do it from the command line, please do. (I am still getting to know Linux and don't feel that I'm qualified to lead someone down the command line path. Yet anyway.)

    The next thing to do is go to where you downloaded tarball from DYMO and double click it to unpack it. When that is done, go into the newly created directory called “dymo-cups-drivers-1.0.1” and open a text file called “INSTALL”. This is their instructions, and is what I am about to embellish upon.

    Next you need to go to the Synaptic Package Manager and install some headers and libraries. They are as follows:


    Once these packages are installed, we need to Open a terminal window to do the command line stuff.

    Now that you have your terminal window open, change directory (cd) into dymo-cups-drivers-1.0.1 wherever that may be located. Which depends on what you did when you extracted the files. Once there you are ready to start to make this all come together,

    In the terminal enter the following: sudo ./configure (then hit enter)

    When that finishes enter this: sudo make

    Now to do what we came here for, enter this: sudo make install

    CUPS should now have everything it needs to print to the DYMO printer.

    These are fairly new drivers and SDK so I don't think there is anything out there made for just these label printers. I could be wrong, I have been in the past. What I have done is gone into OO-Writer and created some templates with the page size set to the label size. Seems to work just fine.

    I hope this helps someone out and they find it before they have done a lot searching. I know it would of saved me a fair amount of time.
    In Ubuntu software center get (gLabels) it will be your front sofware for printing any Dymo Label. Only after you have installed cups and drivers first.

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    Re: DYMO label writer How-To

    Thanks for the tutorial, it worked perfectly for me. I had to install the packages libcupsimage2-dev and g++ using Synaptic, that was very easy.

    Just to say there's an extra step that I did that might help others. After I installed the drivers. I selected the label size like this:

    1. Open Printers, and double click the Dymo-LabelWriter icon.
    2. Click "Printer Options" on the left
    3. Under "Media Size" select the label size you're using from the drop down list.
    4. Choose the label number that matches the Art. No. marked on the reserve of your label strip, or box, for example, if the Art. No. says 99012, choose 99012 Large Address from the list.
    5. Click Apply. (Optional - go to Settings and print a test label. I used an old label for this.)
    6. Close the Dymo-LabelWriter properties dialog and Printers page.

    I then installed GLabels using Add/Remove Apps. There's also a slight issue there as well. In the Template Designer, I had to select Mailing/Shipping products from the Category drop down list, brand Dymo and page size Other, before the Dymo templates showed. Then I selected the same label number for my template, 99012, (yours might be different) and checked the Rotate box at the end.

    Everything printed fine for me.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Re: DYMO label writer How-To

    I just bought a Dymo Labelwriter 450.
    I have a Mac and the installation went great. Put I had to install with the CD-Rom.

    So, up to my Ubuntu PC (10.10). Plugged it in and immediately Ubuntu told me it was searching for drivers. Then a pop-up the pick one from the list and done.
    I installed Glabel and selected Dymo-->Other-->"your label size".
    Tada... My first label from Ubuntu in 2 minutes.

    Hmmm... and I thought my Mac was impressive.

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    Re: DYMO label writer How-To

    I can confirm that this works in Ubuntu 10.04 with Dymo 400. I just..

    1. Installed the "LabelWriter/ LabelManager SDK for Linux" from

    2. Installed the Label Writer in Ubuntu
    And then I was able to print on Multi purpose labels (dymo 11354) adjusting the page size to the label size with 0,1cm borders in OpenOffice. And it prints really nice!

    I couldn't find the correct label size in Glabels.

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    Re: DYMO label writer How-To

    I'll verify that this works with 10.04 and the Twin Turbo.

    i'm just wondering if we can print postage from paypal using this...

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    Re: DYMO label writer How-To

    Quote Originally Posted by iBurger View Post
    Really helpful topic. I have somehow managed to print lables now from my Dymo 400. I find it hard to get the perfect template, but I still wanted to share this one for the 99017 labels. (realy tiny ones). This is a pretty workable template, but you will lose a tiny bit on the right.

    Save the following code as "dymo_99017.template" in your ~/.glabels directory.

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <Glabels-templates xmlns="">
      <Template brand="Dymo" part="99017" size="Other" width="20mm" height="50mm" description="Test">
        <Label-rectangle id="0" width="11mm" height="50mm" round="2mm" x_waste="0mm" y_waste="5mm">
          <Markup-margin size="0mm"/>
          <Layout nx="1" ny="1" x0="0mm" y0="-5mm" dx="9mm" dy="-10mm"/>
    Did you solve the tiny bit on the right size?
    I have spend almost 40 labels and it is still not correct. And as in the is told, the parameters do not add up as it should.

    So if anyone can help me out

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    Re: DYMO label writer How-To

    So it looks like we've got label printing working, but I'm still disappointed that I can't print tapes from my Dymo LaberWriter Duo.
    Ubuntu 14.04LTS Intel Q9650 SLB8W @ 3.0GHz :: 8 GByte RAM
    640 GBytes of discs :: DVD burner :: BluRay burner
    Mixed ethernet, WiFi and CPL networking :: 2 TByte NAS :: Network Printing :: Raspbian and MacOS

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    Re: DYMO label writer How-To

    Hello to my fellow penguins!

    I've been working as a software QA engineer for Newell Rubbermaid at the DYMO site in Belgium since March 2012, but I'm a Ubuntu user^Wmember since at least 2005 (see my Launchpad profile). So you can sort of say that Linux infiltrated DYMO.

    This topic appears in the top results when googling for DYMO+Linux.
    I'm not going to give tech support here (there are other and better channels for that) and there are of course things that I can't comment on (Newell Rubbermaid's social media policy, Non-Disclosure Agreement, yada yada yada) but if there is any other way that I can help, gimme a shout and I'll see what I can do.

    Meanwhile: rock on!

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