As a reminder the Ubuntu Maryland Loco Team will be hosting a special meeting Thursday Jul 17th.

We will be assisting people with the usage of GnuPG in a hands on manner. This is a follow up to the CALug meeting where we had a wonderful presentation from Alan Cohen on the theory of encryption and basic GnuPG usage. Please feel free to bring your laptops and we'll do our best to work through any questions you have on GnuPG usage and integration into mail clients, the OS and other things. (We'll even try to help you if you're running one of those other OS's that is not Linux based!)

Also if you have any questions about the key signing or trip to the NSA museum on August 2nd we'll be there to discuss that as well.

We'll even carve out some time to discuss upcoming Ubuntu MD projects!

So please check out the Howard County Library's site to get the address and directions to the Central Branch. We'll be there from 7-9pm.