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Thread: no internet at all

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    no internet at all

    I just had a gateway laptop that was running xp until recently when the os quit on me and I had no xp boot disk to restore it(it was donated to my company). I figured this would be a good time to try out ubuntu 8.04.1. Regardless, I installed everything fine except I cannot connect to the internet for the life of me. I tried re-installing ubuntu with a wired connection but that did not work either. I have worked with windows for awhile so I have some idea how to network a computer. Could someone please walk me through how to set up an internet connection(wired or wireless) using ubuntu 8.04.1. I have a intel PRO/100 VE network connection, Texas Instruments PCI-1510 cardbus controller, and a Realtek RTL 8180 wireless lan(mini-) PCI NIC. Hope this helps, sorry for the long post.
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    Re: no internet at all

    Was the laptop connected to the wired network when you installed? If not you may just need to configure your connection by clicking on the network icon on the panel and chosing Manual configuration.


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