First of all I hope this is in the right place. this is my first post and I hope I don't forget to much.

I run a small office in which i have been slowly converting over to ubuntu since I starting toying with it for about six months. I have Hardy on three of my machines in the office and all of my laptops in the field. All my other machines have XP pro on them. I have setup virtualbox on my machine in hardy with xp as the vbox. I was wondering if there is a way for my other lan users (the ubuntu ones) to access the vbox xp side of my machine to run a few programs that we still have to have on xp so I can go ahead with putting Ubuntu on the all of my machines and rid myself of windows for the rest of time. I hope this is enough information thanks in advance.

ps. if anyone is really brave i have a few LTSP questions as well. lol