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Thread: Test server convert to production, Hostname issues

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    Test server convert to production, Hostname issues

    Howdy folks quick question probably.

    I've got an old server about to be replaced by a newer server. The old one is, the new one was being tested on a test subdomain as

    I changed /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname to reflect the cnage on the new server and also glanced through bind, resolv, and network settings to check for changes needed. When I log in I see the old name, but if I ping it resolves to itself as it should.

    Any idea why I see the old name at the log in? It seems cosmetic, but where to I change it?

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    Re: Test server convert to production, Hostname issues

    My first thought is that you need to use the "hostname" command while the machine is running. I'm pretty sure the /etc/hostname file is only read at boot time. DNS is resolving correctly because you've changed /etc/hosts. So type the following, then log out and back in and see what it does:

    hostname mail



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