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Thread: iQfire-wall a new graphical linux firewall

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    iQfire-wall a new graphical linux firewall

    Hi to all!
    On the occasion of a University master, some time ago I wrote a firewall framework for Linux and now a Qt4-based graphical user interface has been
    developed on top of that architecture.

    If anyone liked to try it out for educational purposes, or to make use of
    it as a personal firewall, read the Overview and visit the project web pages listed below!

    Thanks to all and hope you enjoy!



    IqFIRE-wall is a graphical firewall for Linux, addressed to people who wants
    to learn computer networking and in particular its Linux implementation. Its
    easy to use graphical interface, based on the QT framework, allows `mouse
    click' configuration and provides nice and fresh tools for packet filtering,
    statistics, activity watching. Not only the root user has the possibility to
    configure this firewall, but every user can personalize its own configuration.

    Links to doc and download:

    - doc and project description:

    - download (Ubuntu 8.04 deb package available and installable with one click):

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    Re: iQfire-wall a new graphical linux firewall

    Nice job!

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