Hi all,

I try to install Xerobank service on my Acer 5920G with Ubuntu8.04 and follow these instructions:

At the bottom there is a command :

Test Everything

* Start Shorewall

/etc/init.d/shorewall restart

After I do that:root@********:~# /etc/init.d/shorewall restart
I get a message :

Restarting "Shorewall firewall": not done (check /var/log/shorewall-init.log).

In the LOG it says...
19:34:51 Determining Zones...
IPv4 Zones: net vpn loc
Firewall Zone: fw
19:34:51 Validating interfaces file...
ERROR: Invalid zone (eth0) in record "eth0 - "

I checked my ethernet and I am running under eth0. What can I do to solve this please?! Anyone?