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Thread: Convert MDADM RAID-1 to just a 2-disk setup

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    Convert MDADM RAID-1 to just a 2-disk setup

    Hi guys.

    Have (2) 80 gig drives setup in RAID1 software mirror. This server is just a VMWare server hosting a few machines. Not real intensive. Turns out I don't really need the RAID so much. I could rebuild the server quickly, and would rather use the second drive to have a backup of the VMs, which would then be copied to tape drive.

    I could move the VMs, rebuild the server, then move them back. But I was wondering if there was a pain-free way to break the mirror, keeping the data on the first drive, and just convert it to a 2 disk setup.

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    Re: Convert MDADM RAID-1 to just a 2-disk setup

    I would make a backup copy of the VMs on another drive, DVD, flash media or anywhere OTHER than the two drives, then wipe both drives using something like a dd script and reinstall a fresh os, and VMware and move your VMs back in. In any case make a backup of the VMs anyway, you never know.


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