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Thread: VirtualBox Host Networking

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    VirtualBox Host Networking

    I'm having problems using VirtualBox on Ubuntu 8.04.
    I want to set up a virtual Ubuntu installation, within Virtualbox (on Ubuntu) and make it get an IP address that i can ping from my router (and therefore other PC's on the network, and other VM's)

    I have read up on it, and have tried host networking. However, in the guides i read, it says that you select host networking and then you can select the virtual host adpators. However, all i see is "host interface settings" and and interface name along with setup application. I was hoping to see a drop down list of 2 or more adaptors that i can assign an IP address or DHCP from my router.

    Does anyone have any idiot proof guides that may be able to help me (and others)

    Many thanks in advance......

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    Re: VirtualBox Host Networking


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