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Thread: gnome-panel freeze

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    gnome-panel freeze

    My Hardy panel is running only a window list, notification area, and clock. Clicking on the clock to display different locations and weather results in a clock freeze every time. Clock is stuck in the depressed appearance after being clicked. When I run "killall gnome-panel" the panel restarts without the battery or network manager in the notification area.

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    Re: gnome-panel freeze

    You can bring up Power Manager and Network Manager applets by:

    gnome-power-manager &
    nm-applet &
    In my experience, if I kill gnome-panel I always have to start NM applet
    manually, but PM restarts on its own.

    Just a thought, sometimes, when my laptop's uptime goes beyond several days, I
    got some random black pixels near notification area. So instead of killing the
    panel I simply repaint it by:

    xrefresh -geometry 1280x24+0+0
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    Re: gnome-panel freeze

    Quote Originally Posted by bayonetblaha View Post
    Clicking on the clock to display different locations and weather results in a clock freeze every time.
    I have the same problem, only in mine the freeze is intermittent; usually it works, with a delay of upto 5 seconds, but sometimes, it just locks up tight. I ended up removing the additional places and timezones from the clock; it really bugging to want to check the calendar but end up restarting gnome/panel/system.
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    Re: gnome-panel freeze

    Do you have google calendar in your evolution calendar?
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