Hey, I've tried searching for this across Google, this forum, many places and come up with nothing but useless stuff.

Like many, many users, I'm resolution-maxed out at 1024*768. So now I want to ensure I have the correct drivers for this. I am totally new at Linux and Ubuntu and all that stuff so I'm asking for help here.

The thing is I went to the SiS website, and got a driver dating from 2002, presumably for Linux or Red Hat, based on what I got:

SiS650 Graphic Driver(Redhat 7.2)
File Name sis_drv.o-410
Release Date 2002-11-14
Support Products
SiS650 ,
File Size 235KB
Support OS Linux ,
There weren't any instructions whatsoever, so here I am, standing in the middle of nothing. I tried running the uhhh... x server configuration depackage thingy, without any success...

Many thanks!

PS. I have Hardy, freshly installed.