This is mostly a "concept question" - I have many audio cards and plenty of space in my box to install them, however Ubuntu doesn't like having two cards in, and I don't really need them. However, I thought it would be pretty cool if I could connect them so they both output the same media. If they could exist as one device and not confuse Ubuntu that would be even cooler. The basic idea is like and audio splitter, which splits one input into two output lines, like if you wanted two sets of speakers coming out of one headphone jack on a boombox. I was hoping I could do something similar, making the box into one giant splitter, with two sets of speakers, one in each card, both outputting the same sounds.
Please let me know if this makes sense, or (even better), how to do it. Thanks!
I'm running Ubuntu Studio Hardy Heron, 8.04 LTS on a Pentium III box.