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Thread: Installing softwares without internet connection

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    Installing softwares without internet connection


    I have a laptop on which I want to install the latest Ubuntu DVD. The problem is that there is no internet connection (to the laptop...)

    I looked through the forum and found out that I _can_ get the list of files needed to install a package, but before that, I will need to "apt-get update" the system. (Ref.:

    The same topic suggests copying it from some other user. Anyone here can help me?

    (I just need to have a working -dev environment: gcc, auto tools, etc.)

    Any other suggestions as to how this can be achieved?

    (For example, booting DVD/CD using linld? I don't know if they contain gcc etc.)

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    Re: Installing softwares without internet connection

    If you have access to a working internet connection on another computer, you might go here and find the package(s) you need to download. These could then be copied to a usb stick, a DVD, CD-R(W), and then transported to the laptop without the internet connection. If on CD, as I recall you could use the CD as a source from which to install the same. You could copy the files from the medium on which they are located to the correct cache file (sorry, my memory is not doing well right now) and install from there. HTH.

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