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Hi everyone,

I've been editing a MIDI file in Rosegarden on Kubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) i386. I've split all the segments at around bar 200, and deleted everything before. (I wanted to use everything onwards as a ringtone for my mobile phone.)

The problem is: how to I remove the blank 200 bars so that something will actually play? At the moment if I export to MIDI and re-import it into Rosegarden, the blank bars are still there. The same occurs if I save into Rosegarden's native format then re-open.

There seems to be no delete function, as shown in this thread: http://osdir.com/ml/audio.rosegarden.../msg00054.html

Hence, is there anything else I can use (i.e. other software) to 'crop' this MIDI file or split it truly in two? The person in that thread copied into a new file and manually edited the time signatures and tempos. However, the song I am editing is Metropolis Part 1 by Dream Theater... with LOTS of timesig changes...!

Many thanks in advance,