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Thread: netinst image for PPC?

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    Question netinst image for PPC?

    Im new in linux world, but actually im needing install Xubuntu or Ubuntu in an oldie PowerBook G3 (PowerPC) that have broken the cd reader, then i need start a setup from lan boot
    i was searching and only saw netinst image for PPC for Debian, and if im not wrong i cant run netinst x86 image in ppc... then... i have a way for do lan boot install of Ubuntu or Xubuntu?
    Sorry if its an stupid question, but im newbie in linux
    and sorry about my english, the language that i talk its spanish T_T

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    Re: netinst image for PPC?

    This may be what you want, this is for 804 hardy, there are also the earlier versions here)

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    Re: netinst image for PPC?

    yes, i think that its what i was needing
    Thanks a lot

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