Hi all and top of the mornin', afternoon or whatever part of the day it happens to be.

Quick question regarding Transmission. Love the program. I use UTorrent in Windows and despite Transmission lacking a few bells and whistles, it is fine.

My problem is this. When I am downloading a torrent and want to quit Ubuntu for some reason, I close Transmission with the torrents running. Rather than stopping the torrents and picking up where things left off next time I reboot and start 'Transmitting', it starts the torrent afresh as if I have downloaded nothing! After almost finishing downloading the Pure:data and dyne:bolic ISOs (about a gig), I boot up this morning to finish the job and yes ... they start all over again, telling me I have downloaded nothing.

Now, I am just wondering if it is as simple as pausing the active torrents, then quitting Transmission, as the paused torrents seem to stay put and kick on from where I left of when I start them again.

I find this a really peculiar (and time/bandwidth wasting) quirk of an otherwise terrific, compact piece of software. Please confirm my suspicions ... or not.