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Thread: Live CD Fans

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    Live CD Fans

    I have these small port holes at the front of my laptop. I assume it's to help fan out the HDD, Integrated Graphics card, and whatever else.

    When booting the Live cd, I feel a small suction from one of the holes (same with Vista), I think it might be for the graphics or hdd. It seems like there might be a fan there, but no sure.

    After installing Ubuntu, I noticed nothing happening there, and the top gets pretty warm, warmer than Vista, and the bottom is pretty hot.

    My core temps are around 43-48C (assuming this is normal right?)
    My hdd temps, the last time I checked with ubuntu said they were OK and didn't seem too bad IMO.

    I'm gonna research some more info about laptop fans in general, and most so far is normal information that doesn't help. The fans that do turn on dont seem to turn on often enough, or maybe are too slow, and I want to fix that because it could be part of the reason the rest of my laptop is a bit hot.
    It also seems that they are really low speed or even not running when on battery, which is probably to save power.
    Setting cpu policy to powersave with UbuntuTweak (on demand by defaul), my cpu temps have dropped, so I guess I'm not too worried about it when no plugged in.

    So anyone have any ideas what the difference is between Live CD and the full install?
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    Re: Live CD Fans

    those core temps look okay. Ubuntu may have decided that it wasnt generating enough heat to require fans and therefore turned them off to make it quieter.
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