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Thread: Is my Hardware compatible for ubuntu 8.04

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    Is my Hardware compatible for ubuntu 8.04

    Hello People just wanted to know if my hardware would work well with ubuntu. Well Heres my hardware (copyed from device manager so might have infomation which isnt needed.)

    a.ACPI Multiprocessor PC

    a.Maxtor 6l080l0 80GB
    b.ST3802110AS 80GB

    3.Display adapters
    a.Radeon ati x1600 pro.

    4.DVD Rom
    a.Optiarc DVD RW AD-5170A

    5.Keboard & Mouse.
    a. Keybard = Logitech MX300
    b. Mouse = Logitech MX 600

    6.Network Adapters.
    a. 1394 net adapter
    b. netgear wg111v2 54MBS wireless usb 2.0 adapter.
    c. VIA rhine II fast ethernet adapter

    a. Intel Core 2 Duo. 4300 @ 1.80ghz

    8. Sound, Video And Game Controllers.
    a.Audio Codecs
    b.Legacy Audion drives
    c.Legacy Video capture devices.
    d.Media control drives.
    e.Realtek High Definition audio
    f.Video Codecs.

    That is my computers specification. please anser some of my questons. the main things that have to work is my netgear wireless adapter and my video card. if my hardware isnt good for ubuntu. could you please suggest another linux. or verison of ubuntu that would work well.

    Please reply to my questons if you have the same hardware as me and have had it work or if you know somthing not work.

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    Re: Is my Hardware compatible for ubuntu 8.04

    HI and welcome, the easiest way to tell if you system is compatible is use the live cd and see what works and what does not.

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    Re: Is my Hardware compatible for ubuntu 8.04

    It should work fine with those specs, I mean it runs (with full desktop effects) on my home desktop which is a 1300mhz machine with old ddr ram.

    check your hardware (chipset) and google it to see if others had any problems (sometimes sound / wifi don't work out of the box).
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    Re: Is my Hardware compatible for ubuntu 8.04

    Is this UBUNTU is easy to use for aged people or citizens, means they are sometimes alone in home, so they can easily accessible this like windows or redhat linux

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    Re: Is my Hardware compatible for ubuntu 8.04

    After a quick search, your wireless USB dongle will work out the box but your graphics card might be a pain in the **** to get working, so dont count on desktop effect without putting lots of hours work into it.

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    Re: Is my Hardware compatible for ubuntu 8.04

    Thanks alot for your help ill definitly be installing it ASAP.
    Does anyone have any idea if the keyboard will work without drivers. because i had some trouble withit not working on windows. without drivers and it was designed for it


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