I have superkaramba installed, and have been using a memory monitor that I thought was pretty accurate until I installed another one, and now I'm completely confused!

The theme I was using has this in the string for inquiring what it referes to as 'RAM' sensor=memory format="%umb". I can see it go up and down with program usage, it looked to be pretty accurate.

This other theme is using sensor=memory format="%um MB" and it's saying I'm using WAY more memory than I thought I was. It also goes up and down in response to running programs.

Which one is it?

What is the difference in the returns from
sensor=memory format="%umb"
sensor=memory format="%um MB"

Oh, and as a note, I know neither of these are the swap partition as that is okay on both monitors.

Also, unfortunately, I can't seem to just type these strings into a terminal as they must be karamba-specific? Or... am I just doing it wrong?

Am I really going to have to upgrade my memory just because I play Oblivion, COD4, C&C3, and WoW on my Kubuntu box?!! Hee hee!

Let me know, 'cause now I'm frustrated.