Hi all!

I've recently installed Ubuntu, the main configuring has been relatively painless.

I decided to try running a game on my Ubuntu 8.04 installation so I installed ArmyOps 2.50, after some twiddling I finally got it to work and I could connect to the account server. Running the first tutorial mission I realised I had no audio.

I've did my best searching for solutions via Google but to no avail. There seem to be a few common solutions to audio related problems for games on Ubuntu - like the killall esd command or switching sound engines - but none of these seem to work for me. I have no problem running streaming audio, mp3 or audio through sites like youtube.com.

I'm running Ubuntu 8.04 on a PIV 2GHz with 512 MB SDRAM, ATI Radeon 9600XT and a C-Media PCI soundcard.

Can anyone help me?