I'd like to buy a simple printer, a Lexmark Z2320. How can I find out if it is going to work?

Lexmark does not offer an Ubuntu driver for this model and the Synaptic Packet Manger only lists one item when searching for Lexmark: "Lexmark 2050 Color Jetprinter Linux Driver". (I'm also not quite sure if this really is a printer driver since it also says "Filter to convert a Postscript file to Lexmark 2050 format." If it is a printer driver: will it work with a Lexmark Z2320?)

So far all hardware that I tried to use with my new Ubuntu PC just worked. How is the situation with printers? The salesman said that if Linux is not listed on the printer's package then it is not going to work.

Now if this model is not supported, where could I find a list with simple and cheap (b/w) printers that work under Ubuntu 8.04? Thanks!