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Thread: Game capture software help

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    Game capture software help

    I had just bought a Roxio capture card to record gameplay off of my console, $100, the disk is not compatible with Ubuntu. It downloads the main files, then gets stuck while downloading .Net Framework 3.5 SP1. I tried downloading it off of a Windows 7 computer and moving it to this one on a zip drive to no avail.
    The application has generated an exception that cannot be handled.
    Process ID=0x42 (66), THread ID 0x43 (67).
    I get a debugging option, but it of course, doesn't work.Is there a way that I could MAYBE work around it? -Thanks

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    Re: Game capture software help

    Last I knew, .Net Frame Work did not work on Linux, even under Wine. I could be wrong. There is a .net framework called Mono for Linux which ***may*** work for you.

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