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Thread: Why Won;t Ubuntu work?

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    Why Won;t Ubuntu work?

    I installed Ubuntu via Wubi and when I booted up Ubuntu, I logged in and the resolution was sort of messed up, and I only had one dock (the one on the bottom) no apps or anything. I couldn't access anything. I had to shut down my computer by holding my power button.

    I installed via Wubi installer and then again with Wubi installer and the iso file. I got the same result.
    Anything I can do to get this to run? Thanks in advanced.

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    Re: Why Won;t Ubuntu work?

    It sounds like wubi's doing something wrong--possibly not installing everything. You could try an installation via wubi again, but since the first two gave you the same results, I don't know if it would help.

    Otherwise, the live CD would probably be a lot more reliable. Are you able to give it a try?

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    Re: Why Won;t Ubuntu work?

    You can try adding the menu bar by right clicking on the panel, add to panel: menu bar. Then increase the screen resolution under system > preferences > screen resolution.

    Also, depending on what graphics card you are using (usually Nvidia), it might be trying to use proprietary (non-Ubuntu) drivers and failing. Go to System > Hardware drivers, and try disabling or enabling it.

    I would also advise you to avoid hard-reboots: do not push the power button on the computer if it freezes in Wubi, since this has a chance of causing filesystem corruption. Instead, hold the "magic" alt-sysreq combination and then press reisub to shut down the computer.


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