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Thread: pppoe connection countdown

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    pppoe connection countdown

    i m entirely new to Linux (Hardy heron). I hv a broadband connection which sometimes fail or get disconnected. When it get disconnected in Windows, a countdown starts (I have reduced it to 5 sec) and at the end of it it tries to re-connect again. How many times it wd try to re-connect before it goes disconnected permanently can also be set.

    But what is the method to do these things in ubuntu?
    When it is goin disconnected, is ubuntu starting a countdown and trying to re-connect it after few moments?
    How many times it would try before it goes disconnected permanently?
    Can i set the number of times it would try to re-connect, as i can do it in the Windows?

    Will b grateful if u help.

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    Re: pppoe connection countdown

    i remember a user posting a script to do exactly what you wanted.. im not able to find it right now though.. will look and let you know if i find it..try searching the forums, its there somewhere


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