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Thread: DVB-t h.264 tuner card

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    DVB-t h.264 tuner card

    Here in Denmark tv transmitting is shifting to DVB-t by november 2009. The format wil be h.264 (MPEG4).

    I am looking for a tuner card that has an onboard decoding processor that can handle H.264 for my next genaration Mythbuntu server.

    Has anybody knowledge of such a tuner card and have tried it on PAL standard?

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    Re: DVB-t h.264 tuner card

    There is no need for any special DVB-T as long you buy a one with BDA drivers. I'm using Gigabyte U8000 USB and it's excilent.
    You should buy the one with BDA so different applications can use it.
    It deppends on application itself wheter it is capable to decode H.264 or not. For example DVBViewer. Decoding will be done by hardware (if supported on grafic card) or software (here you have to have appropirate H.264 decoder)

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