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Thread: FTP Question for multiple users

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    FTP Question for multiple users

    So, first off I'm new at really running decent FTP servers, I've played with them before, but there is something I wish to try with this one now. I am currently running proftpd.

    What I want to do should be simple, I'm just not sure where to start (a link to a good FTP tutorial might help too).

    I want to make it so I can have multiple users that can only edit certain folders (someone has access to their own little site, etc) it's just some minor things I'm doing for some friends and out of boredom. Currently I just have a single ftp account (webftp) that can access the entire www folder.

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    Re: FTP Question for multiple users

    Not a tutorial, moved to N&W.

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    Re: FTP Question for multiple users

    go to the terminal and type sudo apt-get install gproftpd

    this is the GUI for proftpd which makes it easier to configure your ftp server..


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