I'm having a strange issue adding extra space for my recordings.
I added another directory in the recordings profile. (I think it was there, I'm not in front of my mythbox atm.)
The drive I added was a 300gb drive, and when I went to the information center, it showed that I had significantly more time left for recordings, so I thought, Great, it worked!
But when I checked the next day and tried to view some of the programs that had recorded overnight, they show up in the media list but when I try to view them it says that the file can not be found.

Where can I find the actual file that contains this configuration info so I can make sure that I have not messed something up.

Or is there an extra step I missed in trying to add more space on a different drive.
I was excited to add it in 8.04 because I was nervous about setting up LVM when that was the only option.

Thanks for any help!