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Thread: HOWTO: Converting your movies to DPG format for moonshell on the Nintendo DS

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    HOWTO: Converting your movies to DPG format for moonshell on the Nintendo DS

    This is a how to for converting videos into the DPG format in Ubuntu which can then be run in moonshell on your Nintendo DS.
    If you have any tips, found mistakes or found out a better way to get this done, please comment below.

    Ok here we go...

    Step 1: Getting the right stuff

    Install mencoder and mplayer:
    Open up a terminal and copy this into there:
    sudo apt-get install mencoder mplayer
    Get your hands on the dpgconv python script and mpeg_stat:
    Download the dpgconv script here (
    Get mpeg_stat here (
    If this link doesn't work I have uploaded the archive below

    Step 2: Setting it up

    Create new folder in your home directory and name it DPG
    Move the file you want to convert, the mpeg_stat archive and the dpgconv script into this folder

    Now we have to compile mpeg_stat
    extract the mpeg_stat archive in the DPG folder (right click --> extract here)
    Open up a terminal
    cd /home/DPG/mpeg_stat-2.2b-src/mpeg_stat
    Move mpeg_stat and mpeg_stat.1 to /bin (otherwise the dpgconv script can't find them)
    cd /home/DPG
    sudo cp mpeg_stat /bin/mpeg_stat
    sudo cp mpeg_stat.1 /bin/mpeg_stat.1
    You can't just copy files into the /bin folder without having the right permissions, hence the sudo command

    Create an executable of the dpgconv script
    cd /home/DPG
    chmod +x

    Step 3: converting the video

    cd /home/DPG
    python video.avi
    That's about it, enjoy watching videos on your DS!
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