Hi all,

I'm new at this whole thing using GPSD and I'm having a few problems. I have a piece of C code like gpspipe that stores the NMEA data from my GPS in a log file. That part works just fine. The problem comes when I try to do something like

int main(){
char *server=NULL;
static struct gps_data_t *gpsdata;
struct gps_fix_t *gpsFix;

if (!(gpsdata = gps_open(server, "2947"))) {
fprintf(stderr, "no gpsd running or network error (%d).\n", errno);
gpsFix = &gpsdata->fix;
gps_query(gpsdata, "rw\n");


cout << "Mode:" << gpsdata->fix.mode << endl;
cout << "Latitude:" << gpsdata->fix.latitude << endl;
cout << "Longitude:" << gpsdata->fix.longitude << endl;
cout << "Altitude:" << gpsdata->fix.altitude << endl;


I would really like to print out just the latitude etc. when I ask. If I don't set the mode, it comes out as 0. I get nan for all the other fields. Is it b/c I don't have a fix? Funny thing is, 1 out of 15 times I do this, I actually get the correct altitude etc. I'm running my GPS on simulator mode which means I should always have a fix I think. Does anyone have suggestions? Can I make this method work or do I need to start working on my own functions to get the data I want? If I do, does anyone know where there is some sample code like that?
Thanks much.