I've just replaced MS Vista on my Compaq Presarior F572US with a Ubuntu 7.04 CD that I've dug up. The hardware compatibility showed no problems, but I had problem installing it directly from the CD. However, installing when I've got the liveCD kernel running was fine. Having installed and rebooted successfully, I went through and downloaded the updates that the systems recommended, and now I can't boot up.

More specifically, the BIOS is fine and I get the boot up screen graphics okay, but then the screen goes blank and the log-in screen never shows. I attempted bootup with the "Ubuntu,kernel 2.6.20-17-generic" and "Ubuntu, kernel 2.6.20-15-generic" both normal and recovery mode. Recovery modes all gave me:

main:error loading '/lib/firmware/bcm43xx_microcode5.fw for device '/class/firmware/0000:03:00.0' with driver '(unknown)'

Putting in the installation disk and hitting "install" also gave me a blank screen after the bootup graphics.

Am new to Ubuntu (24h acquaintance). Please help. Thanks!