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Thread: Access files on a Mac hard drive in Ubuntu

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    Re: Access files on a Mac hard drive in Ubuntu

    So after following this thread I successfully transferred all files onto a new hard drive. (Thanks to the 3 step terminal command provided) I did not want to run sudo nautilus and risk destructing the documents I need. But now that I have a copy of the whole hard drive I can mess with it and try whatever. I did run sudo chown WarrenBowling300.WarrenBowling300 * but everything it showing up as a blank text file. What do I do?

    The directory to the file is (if it helps): Seagate/WarrenBowling300/Back-up/Backups.backupdb/(then various dates I backed up)

    Thanks for the help

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    Re: Access files on a Mac hard drive in Ubuntu

    This is an old, old thread, started nearly 3½ years ago.

    @WarrenBowling300, if you need help, please start a fresh thread, linking back to this one if necessary. You are more likely to get help with a new thread.

    Thread closed.
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