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Thread: viewing Devanagari documents in Word

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    viewing Devanagari documents in Word


    I recently transferred my old documents to a new computer. Although I have no problem viewing webpages, when I view Devanagari documents in Word I have the following difficulties:

    1. The short I attaches to the vowel in front, so "nipun" reads "napiun".

    2. I can't get any complex consonants - all are broken down into their constituent elements.

    Any ideas what I can do, please?

    Best wishes,


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    Re: viewing Devanagari documents in Word

    If you mean Word, then download the MS language packs from their site.

    If you mean Open Office Writer then do a search in Synaptic.

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    Re: viewing Devanagari documents in Word

    Quote Originally Posted by Seimon Tad Tecwyn View Post
    H when I view Devanagari documents in Word
    In Word? You mean you are using MS Word via the Wine program? I'm afraid that Ubuntu can't be expected to offer support from problems with Microspft products.

    Open your files in another word processor. There are several available for Ubuntu (and available in the Synaptic software manager).

    • Abiword
    • Kword
    • Writer

    The main document format that these use is the Oasis OpenDocument format.

    If your problem persists, I'm not sure what we can do, because Indian languages are a very specialised area. There may be a lack of informed people on these fora. I can say that Chinese is well supported, but I don't have the knowledge to even recognise an error in Devanagari script.


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