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Thread: GDM hang after upgrade to heron

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    GDM hang after upgrade to heron


    I upgraded via the upgrade manager to Heron and now get a busy cursor when gdm starts (before seeing a login screen).
    I did have kdm installed and that was my default display manager, so I tried using kde and that was ok.
    I hate kde though, and I've now removed kde and kdm.
    I have removed and purged gdm, ubuntu-desktop (using aptitude). I then tried installing kubuntu-desktop and I have the same problem, although the blank screen behind the busy cursor is pale blue rather than ubuntu orage-brown.
    I've also reconfigure xserver-xorg but that didnt help either.
    What's even more annoying is that once I get this blank screen with busy cursor I can't crl-alt into any other terminals to look at logs etc.
    Your thoughts greatly appreciated.

    edit: I should add that unlike other posts i've seen along these lines, i can't get to a desktop via startx from a commandline - I get a grey (monochrome) background.Initially I see the X pointer, then get a warning about running as root (as I've launched from a root prompt via recovery mode) and then see some popups flash up too quick to read anything.
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    Re: GDM hang after upgrade to heron

    As noted in another thread, this was down to my own copy of glibc getting in the way.


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