Hey everyone,
This WAS a tomboy note to help me lay out what I wanted from my server and what I still had to do to get there, however it became more of a blog/rant than anything constructive, but I thought someone might get a laugh out of my 4 am ravings.

Server wants and needs

Ahh what do I want my server to do for me? Good question. EVERYTHING!!! is that too much to ask? ohh and I want to install with one click and configure with two. again too much? ugh... sudo apt-get suck ***! Oh well I suppose Linux isn't as user friendly as windows, but it certainly makes up for it with options, ooohh soo many options. It almost feels like a late model sedan, picking just one package is too hard. I cant complain too much tho, it's pretty sweet, I cant say that I would of learned a quarter as much about computing in windows, it makes everything way to easy I think, I mean it's awesome at times when you can just double click a .exe file and install something and EVERYTHING is a GUI interface, but its too convenient, you don't really learn anything. I still may be sucking but at least I'm learning. Plus the community support is way more helpful and responsive than any thing Microsoft could serve up. "have you tried re-booting" followed by jiggle the handle... any hoo this tomboy note has become more of a blog post.....