I'd like to make an all-in-one-live-dvd of various Ubuntu distros, eg. Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu.

I have a blank system, on which I plan to install all three. No sharing of /home partition and/or files. Once all three are setup and OK, I plan to use remastersys to create a master dvd image.

I then wish to use GRUB (on the dvd) to boot the selected live distro.

I have no knowledge of remastersys except that I know it can be used to xfer an existing install to live CD.

I don't care whether or not there is any interaction between the multiple distros on the DVD.

Can this be done? Or is there a simpler way? Any and all suggestions welcome.

For your reference when posting advice, commands, links, etc: my tech level: intermediate-high.

I'd also like to include the server-install if it is not too difficult, as well as the 64-bit versions (My current blank system can handle 64 bit).